What time are construction workers legally allowed to start making noise in the morning in a residential area?

Am I within my rights to complain about construction work being carried out opposite my house? They are starting at 7 o'clock in the morning and it is very loud. Any advice would be grateful!

Asked By: serenie - 9/5/2006
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I think 7 am is allowed, and not later than 11.00pm at night.
Answered By: Cj - 9/5/2006
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They are legally aloud to. Because its a job however if it is causing distress for other people in the neighborhood mabey you should ask them.
Answered By: Message Police - 9/5/2006
07.00 is legal, up to 11pm too!
Answered By: mr_spike432 - 9/5/2006
i think they are allowed to start making noise at 7 o'clock but if it is very loud and causing a nusiance try contacting your local council/enviro health.
Answered By: che - 9/5/2006
no idea but i suffer the same problems
Answered By: chunnu - 9/5/2006
sunday morning the gas people were digging up my garden at 7.45 am.. i am not joking you yes complain im sure its illegal, annoying t w a t s
Answered By: missnikid - 9/5/2006
7 am is normal, but the true answer is whatever the local ordnances in your town/city/county allow. Every place is different. I know they start neear my home at 6 am, but since I am awake already it is not too big a deal.
Answered By: TheOriginalCabhammer - 9/5/2006
You'll have to check your local noise ordinance laws, but I'll say that 7am sounds reasonable considering that the sun is up. I know some people work 2nd or 3rd shift and don't want to hear that noise that early though.
Answered By: MLH - 9/5/2006
by rights they have to go through the council and then send pamphlets out to the surrounding area 9 am but with authorisation you can start as early as 7 am depending on the dwelling of the area
Answered By: jackztar - 9/5/2006
Depends on your local zoning laws, but 7 am is fairly common.Hopefully they will be done soon. You could try very nicely talking to them. It won't work if your rude,but if you work late or have a good reason to ask they may be more considerate.
Answered By: quietman - 9/5/2006
7 till 11.00 if it carries on then report them it will stop.....
Answered By: red devil - 9/5/2006
ooohhh!! touchy subject with me - seemingly the trucks and diggers can start rolling at 6am - but they cant start making "manually made " noise till 7am..(Glasgow) try arguing with them you get nowhere .. and the police and council dont want to rock the boat..
Answered By: pink thong - 9/5/2006
It's 7am until 8pm in this district. However, if you're suffering from it the local council noise police will come and take a decibel reading. Get together with your neighbours and complain if it's exceptionally loud.
Answered By: nert61 - 9/5/2006
7:00 AM tp 10:00 PM in the Milwaukee Wisconsin, USA area
Answered By: Ron - 9/5/2006
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Answered By: thy1 - 9/5/2006
Q: What time can companies start work on a morning and finish in the evening... More
Answered By: Martin14th - 9/5/2006
7am till 11pm are times deemed ok to make noise,
Answered By: Rich S - 9/5/2006
No later than 11pm, and no earlier than 7 or 7.30am. Contact your local council and get put through to Environmental Health Dept...they'll tell you exactly.
Answered By: i_look_to_my_eskimo_friend - 9/5/2006
Check your city ordinances/statutes. Generally they're allowed to make as much noise as they like between 6 AM and 10 PM, here anyway. Don't know where you live so it's hard to say.
Answered By: sovereign_carrie - 9/5/2006
7am to 11pm in my area.
Answered By: myke_bodean1 - 9/5/2006
as far as im concerned... never allowed to make a sound until i wake up in the morning, whether that be 7am of 11am. thats my rule.
Answered By: Tristy - 9/5/2006
7 am is allowed ..annoyin as it is am fraid theres nothing u can do bout it
Answered By: sam - 9/5/2006
Contact your local environmental health dept, they will tell you correctly but I think they should not start noisy work until 0800hrs, they can start work earlier but must not use noisy equipment i.e drills, kango's and such like.
Answered By: Denise W - 9/5/2006
If there are summertime heat concerns a crew may show up at 6:30 to set up equipment and get ready for the job because they may only be able to work till noon or 1 when the heat becomes a danger to workers. You can check the city ordinances in your city but most likely if they are starting to make noise at 7 then they... More
Answered By: artiststree - 9/5/2006
It is unreasonable for your neighbour's construction workers to start before 08.00am. Either lodge formal complaint with builders or more usefully their employer or lodge formal written complaint to local Council's Environmental Health Officer - they have powers to limit both the sound level itself and or the time of... More
Answered By: MEPHISTOPHELES - 9/5/2006
Most Councils have strict guidelines for construction work. Most councils follow the same rules. Monday - Friday 8.30am till 6pm and Saturday 8.30am till 1pm. No work on Saturday afternoons or Sundays. If it is DIY then you have to ask the neighbour to show a bit of common courtesy. If it goes on too long or late then... More
Answered By: marvel1storm - 9/5/2006
Check with your local law enforcement agency. I work for a contractor and different cities have different time constraints. Most are 8 am to 7 pm
Answered By: Beej - 9/5/2006
The environmental health will tell you the hours allowed for making any form of noise are between 7 am and 11 pm, yes it is so annoying when they start so early on in a morning but its the law.
Answered By: Cubalishus - 9/5/2006
Answered By: ang - 9/9/2006
Local ordinances vary. Call the business line of your local police department(not911). I'd suggest going over, in person, and asking them nicely, even if the law is on your side. Maybe they don't realize how much the sound is carrying. If they are within their rights, they might still be able to do less noisy stuff... More
Answered By: Leo L - 9/9/2006
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